Wednesday, 30 May 2012

FAQ on Mobile Application Testing

Here are some frequently asked questions on mobile application testing and their answers

1) How is mobile application testing different from mobile testing?

When you are asked to do mobile testing, you must test the mobile phone itself. It may include protocol testing, battery testing, network connectivity testing, software compatibility testing and more.

On the other hand, mobile application testing is to test applications and software built for the mobile phones. In this case, the application needs to be tested to verify whether it meets the specified functional and non-functional requirements.

2) What are the different types of mobile application testing?

a) Functional Testing

b) User Interface Testing

c) Usability Testing

d) Performance Testing

e) Stress Testing

f) Compatibility Testing

g) Interruption Testing

3) What is the most important type of mobile application testing?

While you cannot neglect any of the above testing types; some of them definitely deserve more attention than the others. For example user interface testing must be done extensively to make sure that the application’s color schemes, consistency, menu styles, navigation etc. are perfect.

Apart from the listed ones, it is also important to carry out monkey testing of the application to examine the stability of application when continuous invalid user inputs are provided.

Another important aspect to mobile application testing is to examine how the application reacts when there is no or little network coverage.

4) What are the best ways to carry out mobile application testing?

Mobile application testing is not just about writing test cases and executing them. Below are some pointers that can help a tester test mobile applications in the most effective manner.
Explore and learn about mobile phones and their attributes. Domain knowledge will really help you see beyond the obvious.

Understand when, how and where the application will be used and then create test cases.
Study the mobile phones on which the applications will run and write appropriate test cases.
Use simulators as often as possible to execute the test cases.
Use remote device services (RDA) as well.

5) Can mobile application testing be automated?

Yes, it can. The fact that mobile application testing is gradually grasping the attention of IT industry may be the reason why several automation tools like TestComplete, M-Eux, Robotium etc. for mobile app testing are being released into the market. It is best to keep your options open and explore all forms of mobile application testing and choose the ones that best suit your needs.

Do you have any more pointers on mobile application testing? Please add on!


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